Redesigning Finance
Enabling Inclusive Growth

Through an innovative online Credit Marketplace (CMPL) with secure interactive technology

Alternative and Corporate debt markets now accessible to all...

What was only the privilege of the wealthy and institutional investors are now accessible to any informed investor wanting to earn attractive risk adjusted returns via a recognised debt instrument still offering the borrower a competitive rate.
Here's how it works
  • High quality borrowers are carefully selected to enter into the application process.
  • Accredited Arrangers assess borrowers' needs and assist borrowers in structuring the loan and in procuring a borrowers' risk grade.
  • An agreed Term Sheet is produced by the Arranger and loaded onto the CMPL.
  • Registered and vetted institutional or retail investors now have access to the loan on the CMPL.
  • The innovative online book building process is facilitated by the Market Place via an auction process to secure the best outcome for both borrower and investor.
  • Once the book is filled, the orders are concluded and awarded by the CMPL.
  • The complete process is fair and transparent with the use of effective CMPL technology that enhances the efficiencies of the investing process.
Better for both Borrowers and Investors
Trusted and confidential borrower negotiations

Lower cost of capital

Lower fees

Transparent investor activity inclusive of a much wider community

Access to a new asset class i.e. Alternative Credit

Attractive fixed income returns

Lower fees

NCR & FSB regulated platform