A First For High-Growth Mid-Caps and Corporates.

Unlock your debt capital raising potential via innovative Credit Market Place technology
Why Raise Funds The Alternative Way?
Access To A New Source Of Funding
Obtaining funding via 4AX DSCo provides access to alternative funding sources, including the South African population, Institutional Investors and other Corporates
Affordable Finance
Attain competitive rates as multiple Investors compete for their loan share, thereby driving your interest rate down
Opportunity To Build Your Brand
Providing Investors (consumers) with a chance to earn above-market returns builds corporate goodwill. Furthermore, Investors have an intrinsic affinity and loyalty towards your company and its performance when they lend to you
Flexible Loan Terms
Loans can be structured with fixed or floating interest rates, amortising or bullet repayment and terms of up to two years
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All corporate loans are individually negotiated between you and Accredited Arrangers, to ensure loan terms are aligned to your needs.

Accredited Arrangers with specialist structured finance knowledge are used to enhance servicing of Borrowers' needs.

Investors compete on a loan-by-loan basis

The CMPL facilitates selection of the best rates based on participation orders received from investors on a loan-by-loan basis, which results in competitive rates.

Get funded!

On a Borrowers' acceptance of an aggregated offer, the loan is concluded and funds are made available for withdrawal.

Post withdrawal 4AX DSCo acts as the Servicer and is responsible for collecting and disbursement of payments, and communication between Borrowers and Investors.